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Robert Aragon

About Us

An upbeat writer and self-taught artist,

Robert Aragon has thrilled many fans with his illustrations and art.

Aragon was inspired to author and illustrate,

the Tiniest Teddy in the world, Cuds. This is

Aragon’s first “multi award-winning children’s

book”. It features the tale of a forgotten tiny

stuffed bear who realizes the power of love and a

world of endless possibilities. “Cuds” was always

within me.”

Cuddles T. Bear... a tiny little black bear with tiny little round feet or simply, “Cuds”, is a gentle sweet reminder for young and old to pursue dreams of a loving nature with a spirit full of an empowering imagination. This tiny bear represents the very best within all of us. All the power of love, curiosity and gratitude embodied in a tiny teddy and his name is Cuds.